How To Recover your Lost Account?

Recovering your Lost Account


In order to recover your Lost Account on Xerazx-OTS you will need to :

  • Go to the following page:

  • Choose whether you wish to recover it via email (system will send you an email with your login info) or you have a recovery key and wants to directly use it.
  • Last step is filling in the form with the required info.

Now you have successfully recovered your Lost Account.


What if i don't remember any of my account information except my Character Name?

Please send us the following info to our email or either you can Submit a Ticket,

- Account Name (the name you log into the server with):
- Character Name (the name your friends see in-game):
- The server you play on (NA, EU - or
- When was the last time that you had access to the account (Month/Day/Year):

- Creation date of the account (Month and Year):
- Original email address used to register the account:
- Location where you registered the account (City and Country):
- List of locations that you have played on this account(City and Country):
- Last IP address used to play  -
- Internet Service Provider (ISP)/Internet Carrier when registering the account: 
- Other people who have ever had access to the account:
- How did you first come into possession of the account:


If Applicable:

- Location of Premium Points purchases (City and Country):
- Approximate dates of most recent Premium Points purchases:
- Email address linked to PayPal account:
- Unique PayPal transaction IDs associated with purchase(s): 
- Phone number(s), mobile provider, and country used for SMS transactions:
- The last 4 digits and expiration date of any credit card(s) used to purchase Premium Points:
- Any transaction or confirmation numbers received via email for this account:

Once we receive the above info we will be able to look further into this,


While recovering your account


Q: Why is this taking so long?

Please keep in mind that this verification process does take quite some time because the information you provide is meticulously looked over by our specialists. For security purposes, you may be asked more questions to further the verification process.

Q: Why are there so many questions? I can’t remember a lot of this information!

We understand that a lot of the information we ask for is difficult to remember, and we ask many questions to give players various opportunities to provide any information that may help verify their ownership. If you are having trouble with any particular question, remember that it is more valuable to estimate, mention anything that you remember, or provide context rather than skipping a question completely.  

We will do our best to get you back to the Fun Lands in no time!


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    Edwin He99

    I cant recover my account i put my e-mail and my account name and i dont recive any message in my hotmail

  • 0

    Edwin me to i cant recover my account i put my e-mail and my account name and i dont recive any message in my hotmail Pls HELP!!

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    Xerazx-OTS Support

    @ Alessandro Please Submit a request and we will be glad to assist you, or send us an direct email to

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