Donation Castles Upgrades

How to Upgrade your Castles with an additional Spawn?

Available Upgrades for Dedicated Castles:

  • You may order +1 Additional Dedicated Spawn (comes with 2000 Dark sorcerer, spawn interval 3 seconds) for 20,000 Premium Points.
  • You may only order up to +3 Additional Dedicated Spawns at your  castle (Max allowed Spawns is 4 per castle).

Available Upgrades for Normal Dedicated Castles: 

  • You may order +1 Additional Normal Spawn (comes with 1000 Dark sorcerer, spawn Interval 3 seconds) for 15,000 Premium Points.
  • You may only order up to +3 Additional Normal Spawns at your castle (Max allowed Spawns is 4 per castle).

Ok, I have purchased the required points to upgrade my castle, What's Next?

  • Once you have purchased the required amount of Premium Points to upgrade your castle, Open a Support Ticket with the following title "Castle Upgrade". Make sure to include your character name and castle number (copy the description written on your castle's door).
  • After checking your account Balance we will take off the the upgrade cost and start upgrading your castle. 
  • Now you will find your Additional spawn at your castle within 24 hours from your order.

Have a nice time on Xerazx-OTS Lands !

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