Donation Castles Rental System & New Design

New Dedicated Donation Castle Design

What is this system about?

The secure castle renting system makes you able to rent castles safer without the risk of being scammed, with the new Donation Castle Rental System you will be able to trade your rent with the castle owner invitation.


How does it work?

If you are a buyer and would like to rent a castle invitation, with this system you will be able to trade your items with the Castle Invitation contract. Simply, the castle owner MUST type the following in game command  !invite PLAYERNAME, NUMBER OF DAYS for example !invite Admin, 30. Once a castle owner have executed this command, a trade window will be opened between you and the castle owner, now you may trade with the castle owner the rent you agreed on. This system guarantees a secure and safe castle renting for both buyer and seller.

executing the following command (only works if you own a castle) starts a trade window with the mentioned player name, the castle owner will be trading a castle invitation contract with the renter. This system guarantees a secure and safe castle renting for both buyer and seller.

Ok, we successfully made the trade, how can i enter the castle now?

If you are a renter and would like to access the castle you are invited in, please go speak with the Castle Manager NPC and he will teleport you inside the castle, please note that invited players using that system will gain same access as aleta sio players (cant open doors, cant invite other players, etc).

Can the castle owner kick me from his castle after i bought rent using the new renting system?

No, you are totally in safe now as once the castle owner accepted the trade with you, your invitation inside the castle is secured a hundred percent during the specified duration within the trade.

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